Last call for May 10th build!

Last call for the build in Preston on May 10th! Please make sure to let them know, when you register, which model of Little Library you’d like (gable vs shed) – the models are shown here:

Please register via the library; we’ll have registration through us open for the next build (late June, most likely).

We’ve already passed our registration deadline, but they can probably squeeze you in if you register today!

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Welcome to Season 2 of LLKW!

Hi folks! Hopefully the snow has receded from around your homes and you’re enjoying the warmer (if still variable) weather.

We have some updates for you. First off, in just over 2 weeks, Preston Public Library will be hosting the first community build of 2014. If you’re interested in participating, please contact them directly – don’t go through our ordering process:

Preston Library’s Community Build

Following this build, we will likely have 2 builds this year, one in late June and one in July/August. Please stay tuned for the details!

Also, after the Cambridge build, we will have to bump our kit prices a little closer to break-even, but don’t worry: it’s only a $5 increase. The Scouts have set their “suggested donation” pricing for 2014 at: $30 (plus the cost of the kit) to assemble your kit for you, and $70 to install your Little Library. All costs include any applicable taxes, and the installation cost includes the post. Please keep in mind that no one is making money from this venture – your donation to the Scouts helps them subsidize camping and activities for those who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm! We’re looking forward to a great 2014!

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Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our final build on December 8th!

And a big thank you to everyone who has had a hand in making this such a successful year for Little Libraries in Waterloo Region! We’ve got 60+ kits out in the KW area now!

Thank you to everyone who has built a kit, come to a build or meeting, joined us on Facebook or on our website, or even just talked about our project with friends – this is really your project; we just help out.

Outsized special thanks (in no order) to these folks, who have time and again shared their time and experience over 2013 to make all this happen:

Dave Keller, who designed our libraries, hosted our first builds and helped dozens of people build their libraries,

Menno S. Martin Contractor and the great folks there like Trent and Art, who manufacture the kits and provide them to all of us at cost,

W&W Liquidators of Kitchener, who provide knobs and catches at a huge discount,

Sue Ann and Peter, who have hosted and assisted with the last 3 builds,

Timm Vera (Scouter Timm) and the 9th Waterloo Scouts, who build and install kits,

and everyone who has participated in making LLKW a success!

We’re going on hiatus with the builds and kits until the spring… we’ll still update the website, though! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas, Winter Solstice, New Year, or other religious/secular observations of your choice (Eid, Hanukkah and Diwali have passed for this year, though we hope those were very good to you as well), and we’ll see you when the snow melts.

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Last Community Build of 2013!

Looks like there’s enough interest… the last LLKW community build until spring 2014 will be on December 8th, in the mid-afternoon!

Location will be the basement of the Grand River Unitarian Congregation building in Kitchener… a nice, warm, dry location.  Thanks to the friendly folks at GRU for hosting us!

Pickup of kits for the holiday season will be at the same time/location.

If you would like to join us, please fill out an order form right here, before November 30th:

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Last build / pick-up before Spring!

Looking to give a Little Library as a gift for that special someone? We’re thinking of doing one last community build and kit pick-up on the afternoon of December 8th. If you are interested in attending, please let us know at At this point, we are just gauging whether or not there is interest; if enough people respond, we’ll make it formal.

This would be our last build and kit pick-up before we come out of hibernation in the spring!

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Community Build on October 19th!

Hi everyone!

Our next community build will be on October 19th in Wilson Park, at 9:30 AM.  As before, we’ll have tools, expertise and hopefully refreshments for everyone!

Please sign up through our new web form:

If you have any questions, you know where to find us!


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Culture Days at WPL!

Hello, friends!

We’ll have a couple of libraries set up at WPL’s Main Branch (at Albert and Dupont) this Saturday, September 28th, 10 AM to 3 PM, along with some fun activities for all ages!  You’ll have a chance to help assemble an LLKW kit, design your own style of Little Library, place an order for a future build, and talk to folks about Little Libraries!

Stop by and say hi!

And in the meantime… check out my previous post (from just moments ago) to see some exciting new developments!

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Online ordering and Scout-built kits!

YES!  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for (assuming you’ve been waiting to buy a pre-assembled LLKW kit)!

Timm Vera and the 9th Waterloo Scouts will assemble an LLKW kit for you, put on a weather-proof roof, and deliver it to your home, for the low, low requested donation of $25 (in addition to the $45 cost of the kit).  But wait… it gets better!  If you want someone to come out, dig a post hole, cut a post to height, mount your library (regardless of where you got it) on the post, and then fill in the post hole… the Scouts will do that too, for the low, low requested donation of $50!

You’ll still need to paint your library, but if you’re hesitant about getting out the shovel, this is a fantastic way to get that library built and installed.  And don’t worry, builders: the community builds are not going away.

All of the donations go towards making sure that all Scouts, regardless of their personal situation, can afford to participate fully in the Scouting program.  No profits being made here, folks!


So this would be a good spot to introduce the new online ordering setup:

Any questions?  Send them over to and we’ll get them answered!

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Word On The Street

Stop by the LLKW booth at Word On The Street Kitchener this Saturday, 11 AM – 5 PM, on King Street just outside City Hall. You can ask us questions and watch Scouts assemble Little Libraries! You can also order your very own Little Library while you’re there, as well as arrange for the Scouts to assemble / deliver / install your Little Library (all of those proceeds go as donations to the Scout troop).

Special thanks to Timm Vera and his Scouts for organizing this event!

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Everyone who has signed up for either a build slot or a kit pickup should have an email from me in their inbox about full details for Saturday. If not, please send me a message (

For everyone else: the build times are 9:30 and 11:30 AM tomorrow (Saturday), with kit pickup anytime between 9:30 and 12:30. The location for the build is Wilson Park in Kitchener, under the picnic shelter. Please see where the green arrow is in this map:

Parking is available along Shelley Drive (there is a footbridge over the creek), or at the western-most end of Wilson Avenue (by the community centre). From either of those locations, it’s just a couple of minutes’ walk to the picnic shelter.

See you tomorrow!

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