If you would like your library added to this map, please email Dee – email info pending; please check back here in the next day or so!  Dee created this map and has kindly allowed us to share it here.  If you don’t see a map below, please refresh the page.

Other Maps and Resources

We encourage you to register with the American organization , who will put you on their Google map of Little Libraries around the world.  They will also mail you a registration tag which you can affix to your Little Library.

The CBC has also started a map of Little Libraries in the KW area – have a look and sign up here.

Honour Roll

The Honour Roll was our first attempt at cataloguing everyone in KW with a Little Library.  We are no longer updating the Honour Roll, but we are leaving it below for users who would like a text-based list.


LLKW (and not too far from KW) directory
Library’s Name Address LFL # Tell us about YOUR Little Library!
The Shire Library 303 Wiltshire Pl. Waterloo #7839 All ages, all genres welcome!
Keg Lane Book Exchange 892 Keg Lane, Paris, ON #8433 First house on the left, past the fairgrounds!
Youngs Street Neighbourhood Little Free Library 96 Youngs St., Stratford #8969 Our library is filled with all sorts of books. It was made from materials two neighbours had between them (a little hardware had to be purchased.)  Contact info:
Chapel Street Little Library 38 Chapel Street, Kitchener #10,024 Can-lit and children’s favourites
Little Seal Library 124 Greenbrier Drive, Waterloo Anything goes – lots of books on the history of religion right now!
Wyandotte Warriors Little Library 36 Wyandotte Court, Kitchener #9284 All are welcome… anything goes!!
The Treehouse Library 509 Queensdale Crt, Waterloo We have books for young and old readers.
Mabel’s Library Brubacher Green – 63 Brubacher Street, Kitchener Mabel’s Library has adult and children’s books, even a few magazines. Brubacher Green is a good place to come pick out your bedtime story or pick out a book to read while you’re at the park.
The Little Purple Library 67 Martinglen Crescent, Kitchener #8499 We have books for all ages and genres; we aren’t picky!
Breithaupt Woods Library Near Breithaupt Park, Kitchener (see directions) #9287 Breithaupt Woods path, behind the splash pad. Go to the far end of the parking lot, take the path to the right and follow the trail up behind the houses. From Cardinal Crescent, turn left when you reach the park and follow the trail past the parking lot.
Driftwood Treasures 294 Driftwood Drive, Kitchener #9679 Fiction / non fiction / seasonal / health & wellness
The Little Red Library 402 Cavendish Drive, Waterloo #7198 Anything goes!
Redwood Library 64 Roosevelt Avenue, Waterloo (corner of Redwood Place) #8325 Anything goes… surprise us!
Ruth’s Library 220 Alexandra Avenue, Waterloo #10875 Anything goes!
The Magdalene’s Rest 51 Avondale Ave. South, Waterloo All welcome to take what they need, and to offer what they are able to.
Queen’s Green Community Garden Library Corner of Queen and Mitchell Streets, Kitchener, across from Joseph Schneider Haus Family-friendly community garden library with an emphasis on nature, craft, permaculture and urban homesteading.
The Margaret at Vermont Library 65 Margaret Ave N, Waterloo Anything goes in our library!
The Margaret Avenue Library 41 Margaret Ave, Kitchener Anything goes!
Stonehedge Little Free Library 186 Union Blvd., Kitchener (on Avondale by Union) Take a seat on our bench and enjoy our garden and a good book!
Crabapple Little Library 10 Albion Street, Kitchener Our books are geared to children, but include some marriage resources as well
Little Free Library of Chestnut Street 89 Chestnut Street, Kitchener #14140 Our library will feature mostly nonfiction for adults (religious studies and comparative religion, philosophy, memoir, politics, history, business, popular psychology, health and well-being), novels and children’s books
The Cat’s Meow Library 339 Wellington Street North, Kitchener #10107 Mostly mysteries, and some SF&F
The Blue Jewel 814 Whitecap Ave., Waterloo Come select a gem of a book, all ages and genres welcome. Stay to read on nearby benches and play on our neighborhood playground.
The Library of “As You Wish” 217 Waterloo Street, Kitchener Good literary fiction. No pulp. This library is full of surprises and fun discoveries, including the design. It must be seen from all angles to be enjoyed!
Coleridge Kids’ Library 362 Coleridge Place, Waterloo Specializing in children’s books.
Hayden’s Little Library 75 Dudhope Ave, Cambridge Board books, children’s books, adult hardcover and paperbacks, and more.
Strawberry Crescent Children’s Library 371 Strawberry Crescent in Waterloo #8346 We are always well-stocked with a variety of books for young people; we welcome children of all ages to come and visit!
Kane Dr. Mini Little Free Library 419 Kane Drive, Waterloo #16554 A Little Free Library just for Kids, in North Waterloo. Donations of kids books (Baby to Teen) much appreciated. For info on new books and events:
David Johnston Research + Technology Park Little Library Inside the atrium of TechTown @ 340 Hagey Blvd, Waterloo Books, magazines, and children’s literature for anyone to access – the atrium is open 7:30 AM – 6/7 PM.
Shade Tree Library 103 Boehmer Street, Kitchener #17012 A wide variety of adult and kids books on hand
Ellesmere Little Library 648 Ellesmere Court, Waterloo A variety of adult books for your enjoyment.
Garden Gate Little Library Near KW Optimist Park, Waterloo (see details) From KW Optimist Park (280 Northlake Drive, Waterloo), walk along the right-hand side of the park to the last house (north-west corner of the park). There you will find a bench and a mailbox full of books to read while you enjoy the park.
Little Library on King 1333 King Street N, St. Jacobs #17849 Look for the purple and green Library. Stocked with lots for young readers but who knows what will become part of our Library!
Lorne Ave Little Library 244 Lorne Ave, Kitchener We welcome everyone, we have books for adults and children of all ages!
The Bookshed 182 Auburn Drive, Waterloo We welcome all contributions, for all ages, and encourage feedback or reviewer notes left in the books for potential readers.
Hill Street Library 16 Hill Street, Kitchener Books for both adults and children – conveniently located directly across from Hillside Park; we encourage folks to enjoy the peaceful park bench and a book.
Little Library on the Court 230 Golf Course Court, Conestogo Books only, please…fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, JF, picture books. Something for everyone!
Josie’s Bookshelf 56 Stoke Drive, Kitchener We have books for all ages and tastes.
Carter’s Library 547 Westheights Drive, Kitchener Book for all ages!
The Book Nook 83 Patricia Ave., Kitchener Lots of books for kids!
Rosemount Little Free Library 130 Islington ave., Kitchener The first LFL in Kitchener, and the first library in the world using the LLKW designs (which were created by this library’s steward, Dave Keller)!
Brighton Yards Co-op Library 64 Peppler Street, Waterloo A little library for everyone! Books for children, youth and adults; fiction and non-fiction.
Waterloo Infant Toddler Daycare Library 368 Erb Street West, Waterloo Books for all ages including infant board books.
Lil’ Red Library 660 Interlaken Drive, Waterloo The reddest library in town!
Little Cottage Library 141 Moore Ave. South, Waterloo #18401 Books, DVDs and CDs are available here for adults and we welcome the same.
Little Library on Anatolin 357 Anatolin Place, Waterloo #20057 Books for everyone!
READ ME 343 Westheights Dr, Kitchener Mostly fiction but anything goes.
The Cardinal Crescent Little Free Library 53 Cardinal Crescent S., Waterloo #20026 Three shelves of books sorted by age appropriateness. Come relax on our shaded bench!
The Lilac Garden 734 Angler Way, Waterloo Lots of fiction, mystery, etc.
Whitney Place Little Library 17 Whitney Place, Kitchener All genres!
Books on Birchcliff 71 Birchcliff Avenue, Kitchener We have fiction and children’s books in our library.
The Little Bloomingdale Library 34 McAllister Drive, Bloomingdale (right next to the mailboxes) All sorts of books are included.
The 98 Weber Little Library 98 Weber Street South, Waterloo Stocked with books for all!
The Reader’s Garden Little Library 260 Ottawa St. S., Kitchener Mainly adult books; contemporary novels, history and sports
The Garden of Read’n 533 Edenvalley Cres, Waterloo Books for all ages!
Lynn’s Little Library 79 Wheatfield Cr, Kitchener Fiction – mystery, thriller, adventure and more!
The Gallarno Court Library 11 Gallarno Crt, Kitchener An assortment of mainly adult books
The Westforest Trail Library 302 Westforest Trail, Kitchener A mix: kids books to adult fiction and non-fiction
Little Blue Library 78 Edenbridge Drive, Kitchener We stock a mix of childrens books, young adult and adult
Conservation Meadows Little Library Conservation Meadows Park, near Laurel Creek, Waterloo Books for all ages!
Pinery Trail Little Library Pinery Trail Park, near Laurel Creek, Waterloo Books for all ages!
Button Factory Arts Little Library 25 Regina Street South, Waterloo Mainly art books
Louise’s Little Library 505 Buckingham Blvd., Waterloo #28538 Primarily adult fiction/best sellers
Nathan Court Little Library 107 Nathan Court, Cambridge #26512 Your friendly neighbourhood library, with fiction for everyone!
Golden Meadow Little Library 117 Golden Meadow Crescent, Kitchener Anything goes in this little library!
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