Welcome to Season 2 of LLKW!

Hi folks! Hopefully the snow has receded from around your homes and you’re enjoying the warmer (if still variable) weather.

We have some updates for you. First off, in just over 2 weeks, Preston Public Library will be hosting the first community build of 2014. If you’re interested in participating, please contact them directly – don’t go through our ordering process:

Preston Library’s Community Build

Following this build, we will likely have 2 builds this year, one in late June and one in July/August. Please stay tuned for the details!

Also, after the Cambridge build, we will have to bump our kit prices a little closer to break-even, but don’t worry: it’s only a $5 increase. The Scouts have set their “suggested donation” pricing for 2014 at: $30 (plus the cost of the kit) to assemble your kit for you, and $70 to install your Little Library. All costs include any applicable taxes, and the installation cost includes the post. Please keep in mind that no one is making money from this venture – your donation to the Scouts helps them subsidize camping and activities for those who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm! We’re looking forward to a great 2014!

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  1. I just signed up for the Preston build on the 10th but wasn’t asked about which kit I wanted? Were we to choose which style in advance or just when we show up? I was hoping to request the gabled style but I called back the Library to confirm and they said there was nothing on their forms about making any selection. Advice?

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