Online ordering and Scout-built kits!

YES!  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for (assuming you’ve been waiting to buy a pre-assembled LLKW kit)!

Timm Vera and the 9th Waterloo Scouts will assemble an LLKW kit for you, put on a weather-proof roof, and deliver it to your home, for the low, low requested donation of $25 (in addition to the $45 cost of the kit).  But wait… it gets better!  If you want someone to come out, dig a post hole, cut a post to height, mount your library (regardless of where you got it) on the post, and then fill in the post hole… the Scouts will do that too, for the low, low requested donation of $50!

You’ll still need to paint your library, but if you’re hesitant about getting out the shovel, this is a fantastic way to get that library built and installed.  And don’t worry, builders: the community builds are not going away.

All of the donations go towards making sure that all Scouts, regardless of their personal situation, can afford to participate fully in the Scouting program.  No profits being made here, folks!


So this would be a good spot to introduce the new online ordering setup:

Any questions?  Send them over to and we’ll get them answered!

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