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Online ordering and Scout-built kits!

YES!  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for (assuming you’ve been waiting to buy a pre-assembled LLKW kit)! Timm Vera and the 9th Waterloo Scouts will assemble an LLKW kit for you, put on a weather-proof roof, and deliver

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Word On The Street

Stop by the LLKW booth at Word On The Street Kitchener this Saturday, 11 AM – 5 PM, on King Street just outside City Hall. You can ask us questions and watch Scouts assemble Little Libraries! You can also order

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Everyone who has signed up for either a build slot or a kit pickup should have an email from me in their inbox about full details for Saturday. If not, please send me a message ( For everyone else: the

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Community Build on Sept. 7th

Hi folks!  If you’re interested in joining us on September 7th for a community build of little libraries, just click on over to our new registration page, and we’ll get you started: Location is still TBD, but will be

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What a response!  We’re all full up for our July 13th build, but we will likely have one in August (date TBD).  If you’re interested in joining that one, please email us at .  You also have the choice of

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July 13th!

Hi folks!  July 13th is coming up fast, and we’ve had a lot of people respond in the last day or so.  Please bear with us as we get a plan together; if you’ve emailed us, we’ll reply to you

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The next build…

Hi folks! Our next community build will be on the morning of Saturday, July 13th! We’ll be ready for you at 9:30 AM (please try to arrive before 11 AM so that you have plenty of time to finish your

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Build this Sunday!

Hello friends!  This Sunday, 2-5 PM, we will be building Little Libraries at Dave Keller’s home (on his driveway and in his garage). If you would like to join us, please do! Dave’s home is at 130 Islington Avenue, Kitchener,

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Aaaaand… go!

Hi everyone!  The first batch of kits is ready!  Menno S. Martin Contractor, a great local builder firm, is preparing the kits and will have them available at cost, which comes to $40 + HST per kit.  There are 6

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Presentation tonight!

Hi folks!  Quick reminder about the event at the Museum tonight (see previous post).  I’ve been asked to speak for about 5 minutes at around 7:30 PM.  Please stop in, ask questions, see and handle the prototypes, or just say

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