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Hi everyone!  The first batch of kits is ready!  Menno S. Martin Contractor, a great local builder firm, is preparing the kits and will have them available at cost, which comes to $40 + HST per kit.  There are 6 of each style available for the first build… see here for details.

I realize that there will be many more people who want kits than actual kits.  This is just a pilot build, so that we can make sure that everything works out fine.  Once these are built and installed, we will adjust the kits as necessary and build more.  Having said that, the kits are fantastic, and are really well designed.  Thank you SO much to Dave Keller for the initial designs, and to the fine folks at Menno Martin for taking it to the next step.

So… first LLKW community build will be on the afternoon of Sunday, June 16th!  Yes, it’s short notice!  But there will be many more builds over the summer.  Location details to follow.

I can think of no fair way to apportion these kits, so… first-come, first-served.  Please email and tell me the following:

1) which style of kit you would like: gable or shed.   (or say “either” or “I prefer X but would build Y”)

2) that you are buying the kit for yourself, and

3) that you are willing (to the best of your abilities) to build the kit and to install it within 2-3 weeks of the build date.  This is a pilot project, and we really need feedback from y’all about how to improve things in the future.

In the future, we won’t be asking these questions, but for these first ones, we just don’t want the kit sitting on a shelf for a couple of months.
Thanks for all your interest, folks, and hope to hear from you soon!

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