Auction for fully-assembled Little Libraries!

It’s an auction! We have 3 fully-assembled gable-style Little Libraries available, and instead of waiting until our next build (in the spring), we’re going to auction them off. All proceeds will go *directly* into the activities of the Little Libraries of KW.

The folks at Menno Martin and I have been subsidizing the manufacturing of each and every kit to date – we and others (Sonya!) have been volunteering our time as well. We don’t begrudge a single penny that we’ve spent, but domain names, tools, screws, doorknobs, hinges, banners, poster boards, etc etc, all cost money. We would love to get the help of the wider Little Libraries community to keep this project on solid footing!

Here’s how this will work. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE RULES BELOW – if you bid without reading the rules below, you will make me sad. Please don’t make me sad.

  1. We have 3 fully-assembled gable-style libraries available. If you would like one, please send your bid, along with your name, mailing address and phone number, to
  2. We encourage people to participate! Companies and organizations are also welcome to bid! We will post the names of the winners of the auction, so this could be a nice promotional opportunity.
  3. The minimum bid is $90 for a library.
  4. You may bid multiple times. Unless you make it clear that you want more than one library, I will assume that you only want one library, and that your HIGHEST bid is your actual bid. So you can raise your bid, but you can’t lower it. Please don’t make a bid that you can’t afford.
  5. On Friday, November 20th, one week from today, the top 3 bids received will be posted publicly. This will give everyone an opportunity to raise their bids if they like.
  6. The bidding deadline is 11:59 PM on Friday, November 27th, 2 weeks from today. We will post the winning bidders on our website and Facebook page (once they have paid and picked up their libraries) – we can leave your name as “anonymous” if you prefer.
  7. The top bidder gets to pick which Little Library they want of the three.
  8. The libraries are undecorated, so that you can paint them yourselves. Alternately, artist and graphic designer Andrea Deering, of Add Studio Graphic Design + Marketing, has offered to donate her services to decoratively paint the winning libraries for anyone who wants one fully painted – each auction winner gets to choose which way to go.
  9. We will deliver the winning libraries to anywhere in Waterloo Region.  If you are from outside the area, please contact us at before bidding, to discuss pickup options.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t bid if you don’t intend to follow through with payment!

Once again, neither Menno Martin nor I will be pocketing any of this money – it will be going towards keeping kit prices as low as possible so that everyone can participate and towards incidental expenses (marketing, tools, parts).

Thank you for reading all of this – please let me know if you have questions, and happy bidding!

Tom, for LLKW

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