July 18 Community Build! – it’s full!

UPDATE: We’ve filled up this build – thanks to everyone for their interest and enthusiasm!  If you’d like to have first dibs on our next community build, please email Sonya at builds@LLKW.ca and ask to be put on the waiting list.  Thanks again!


Hi everyone,

We have a build scheduled for July 18th, with 2 shifts: 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. You can also pick up a kit from us to take home if you’d prefer.  The kits are $50 cash or cheque (made out to Tom Nagy) – payable at the build.  There’s no extra cost to participate in the build (vs taking home the kit), and we just may have free coffee for you!

The build will happen at the Menno Martin Contractor shop in St Jacobs, as before – 1185 King Street N, right near the southern boundary of St Jacobs on King Street.

If you have a powered screwdriver or drill (cordless will be much easier to use), please bring it along!  We have a few for folks to share if you don’t have one.  Everything else that you need for the build will be provided.  You will end up with a lovely little library which you can then caulk, paint, roof and install at your leisure.

Please email Sonya at builds@LLKW.ca with the following info:

1) Your name, and an email address that you check regularly – I can’t emphasize this enough!  We need to be able to correspond with you if plans change.  You will also get a confirmation email within a few days.

2) Which shift you would prefer (9:30 AM or 11:30 AM), and whether you can make the other shift if your first choice is full.  If you’d like to pick up a kit instead (between 10 AM and noon), please indicate that.  (You can send someone else to pick up your kit if you can’t make it)

3) Which style of little library you’d like (gable or shed – click here to see the styles).

Don’t delay!  The folks on the waiting list got first dibs, so the builds are almost half full already!  If you’d like to be on the waiting list for a future build, please email Sonya at builds@LLKW.ca and let her know.

And if you’re not already on our LLKW Facebook group, just click on the Facebook Group link in the “Links” section over on the right, and you can join in on the discussion with 781 other folks (at last count!).

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