August 9th Community Build – last build for 2014? (update: we’re full!)

UPDATE #2: Our 11:30 AM shift is now full too – thanks to everyone for signing up!


UPDATE: Our 9:30 AM shift is full, but we are now also running an 11:30 shift – please see below for sign-up details.  Everything is as below, except that registration is now only for the 11:30 AM build on August 9th.


Hi everyone!

My, this has been an action-packed summer for Little Library building!  Those of you on our LLKW Facebook group (linked here) have seen a bunch of posts about Little Libraries going up in all areas of Waterloo Region.  We’ve had our first-ever community build in Preston, and just finished a build up in St. Jacobs.  And today (July 10th) at 6 PM, CTV News Kitchener will have a story on the Little Libraries throughout our fair tri-cities!  (I will update this article with the link once they post the video.)

If you’re new to LLKW – welcome!  Please have a look around this website; this update will still be here for you when you come back.

For everyone who has been waiting for another build date, your wait is at an end: August 9th, 9:30 AM, at Menno S Martin Contractor in St. Jacobs!  Menno Martin have been such a big help with this whole project; come and build your kit in the shop where the kits themselves are made!

As always, because the kits have to be pre-made, we need you to pre-register and prepay for the event.  Just click on our our handy-dandy registration form right here and you’re on your way.

I always hate high-pressure sales, and we’re a volunteer-run, not-for-profit initiative, but… we can only accommodate a limited number of builders, and we need to give Menno Martin two weeks to fabricate the kits.  So we will end registration in the wee hours of the morning of July 28th, or once we’re full up.

The 9th Waterloo Scout Troop will still gladly assemble you a library ($30 + kit cost), and/or will come out and install a library for you ($70, NOT including the library itself – but they spend 2 hours digging and bring a post and all necessary hardware).  You can sign up for either of those options on our handy-dandy registration form right here.

As always, if you’d like to do it all yourself, you can find all sorts of details right here.  Any and all libraries can go onto our Honour Roll – just email us through our contact page right here.

See you soon, and happy reading!

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