May 30th Community Build – waiting list

UPDATE 2: WE’RE ALL FILLED UP! If you would like to be on a waiting list, please email Sonya as below, and she will sign you up. Being on the waiting list means:

* we will let you know if anyone cancels
* we will give you first crack at signing up for our next build (date TBD).

Thank you to everyone who signed up, apologies to those who didn’t get in.


UPDATE: The 9:30 shift is full, but we are opening an 11:30 shift now.  When you email, please let Sonya know that you are signing up for the 11:30 shift, so that she can slot you in straight away.


The Internet lines are now open – we are ready to take sign-ups for the build at 9:30 AM on Saturday May 30th, at the Menno S. Martin Contractor world headquarters (1185 King Street North, St. Jacobs).  The cost is $50, including all taxes.  Please bring cash at the time of pickup, or a cheque made out to Tom Nagy.


If you would like to participate in the build, or pick up a kit on that day, please email our trusty build administrator Sonya at: Please provide the following information: 1. Your name and an email address that you check regularly (including the day before the build, in case we have to change plans) 2. Whether you would like a gable-style library or a shed-style library. 3. Whether you will be building with us (9:30 start), or taking a kit home and building on your own (pickup between 10 and 11:30 AM on May 30th). You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days. There will be only a limited number of kits – once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait for the next build. Annnnnnd… go!

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Welcome back!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! We live in exciting times! We have not one but TWO builds in May!

May 23 – this build is being run by Idea Exchange (the public library in Preston) and will take place at their location in Preston. More details are available here:
Please note that the cost in the flyer is incorrect: the kits are $50 including HST.

May 30 – this will be a regular community build at Menno Martin’s shop in St Jacobs. We will have registration open within a few days – just have some logistical questions to figure out first. But mark your calendars!

Kits for building at home will be available for pickup on May 30th – we will have details on pre-ordering those soon, as well.

Once again – registration is NOT yet open for the May 30th build, nor for kit pickups. You will hear from us soon about both of those – stay tuned!

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See you in the Spring!

Hello folks! Hope you all had a great holiday season!

We will be starting back up in the spring – please watch this space, or stay tuned to our Facebook page. We’ll have community builds, kits, and more!

(Note: we’re all out of kits right now – we’ve gotten a number of inquiries, so I thought I should clarify)

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Kits for sale! – UPDATE: all gone!

Hi folks,

There were a few kits left over from the last build – if you would like one, now’s your chance! They are all at the office of Menno S Martin Contractor in St Jacobs (see the link below for contact info). This is a workshop, so their hours are regular work hours: Monday-Friday, 9-4:30. The price is still $50 including HST, and I believe payment is via cash or cheque only.  If I recall correctly, there were about 8 gable kits and 3 shed kits last time I checked.

Get ’em while they’re hot!

UPDATE: All of the kits have been spoken for – thanks for your interest, everyone!

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October 4th – the REAL last build for this season!

Hi folks!  As a result of overwhelming demand, we’re going to run one more build, on October 4th.  We’re starting at 11 AM – if demand holds, we may add a second shift (at 1 PM), but that’s not guaranteed at this point.

Please have a peek at the post below (linked here for your convenience) for general info.  The build will happen at Menno S Martin Contractor’s shop in St Jacobs, and we will personally email each participant before the build with details.  Kits are $50 each – if you’d like one assembled by the 9th Waterloo Scouts and delivered to your door, that’s an extra $30 (for a total of $80 for a pre-assembled library).  If you’d like your library installed by the local Scouts, that service is $70 (on top of the $50/$80), with every penny of that going as a donation to help less fortunate Scouts with travel expenses.  Because the kits are manufactured to order, we require pre-payment – but don’t worry; the registration form explains all!

The magic registration link:

Space is limited, and we’ll close registration when we fill up (or September 20th; whichever comes first)

As always, if you’d like to do it all yourself, you can find all sorts of details right here.  Any and all libraries can go onto our Honour Roll – just email us through our contact page right here.

See you soon!

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August 9th Community Build – last build for 2014? (update: we’re full!)

UPDATE #2: Our 11:30 AM shift is now full too – thanks to everyone for signing up!


UPDATE: Our 9:30 AM shift is full, but we are now also running an 11:30 shift – please see below for sign-up details.  Everything is as below, except that registration is now only for the 11:30 AM build on August 9th.


Hi everyone!

My, this has been an action-packed summer for Little Library building!  Those of you on our LLKW Facebook group (linked here) have seen a bunch of posts about Little Libraries going up in all areas of Waterloo Region.  We’ve had our first-ever community build in Preston, and just finished a build up in St. Jacobs.  And today (July 10th) at 6 PM, CTV News Kitchener will have a story on the Little Libraries throughout our fair tri-cities!  (I will update this article with the link once they post the video.)

If you’re new to LLKW – welcome!  Please have a look around this website; this update will still be here for you when you come back.

For everyone who has been waiting for another build date, your wait is at an end: August 9th, 9:30 AM, at Menno S Martin Contractor in St. Jacobs!  Menno Martin have been such a big help with this whole project; come and build your kit in the shop where the kits themselves are made!

As always, because the kits have to be pre-made, we need you to pre-register and prepay for the event.  Just click on our our handy-dandy registration form right here and you’re on your way.

I always hate high-pressure sales, and we’re a volunteer-run, not-for-profit initiative, but… we can only accommodate a limited number of builders, and we need to give Menno Martin two weeks to fabricate the kits.  So we will end registration in the wee hours of the morning of July 28th, or once we’re full up.

The 9th Waterloo Scout Troop will still gladly assemble you a library ($30 + kit cost), and/or will come out and install a library for you ($70, NOT including the library itself – but they spend 2 hours digging and bring a post and all necessary hardware).  You can sign up for either of those options on our handy-dandy registration form right here.

As always, if you’d like to do it all yourself, you can find all sorts of details right here.  Any and all libraries can go onto our Honour Roll – just email us through our contact page right here.

See you soon, and happy reading!

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July 5th Community Build (** see update at bottom of post **)

July 5th Community Build! This time we will be holding it at Menno S. Martin Contractor’s shop in St Jacobs – come out to build a Little Library right where the kits are manufactured! We will be starting at 9:30 AM on July 5th – there may be a second shift added, but only if the first one fills up.
You need to pre-order and pre-pay for your kit; because it takes time and planning to create the kits, we don’t have walk-ups at our events. Please use this form:
You can attend the build, or just pick up your kit – but all pick-ups have to be on July 5th (Menno S Martin is not set up for general public sales). If you can’t pick up that day, please ask someone to pick it up for you.
Final detail: We will close off sign-ups on Monday June 23rd (that’s this coming Monday) – please don’t delay! We will have one more Community Build this season, probably in mid-August.

** UPDATE ** – we’ve passed the cut-off date for sign-ups for this build, but we will have one more build in the late summer, so don’t fret if you missed it!  Please stay tuned to this blog and our Facebook page for more details!

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